Contract Manufacturing

Contract ManufacturingAny process that your company wishes to move off site for reasons of space, capacity, capability or cost is a candidate for Concise Industries contract manufacturing services at highly competitive rates. Our customers also enjoy the benefits of our low cost Mexican facility for labor-intensive work that they determine is inefficient to do in-house.

Our in-house manufacturing engineers will always recommend ways that Concise can improve our clients’ profitability by streamlining their manufacturing operations. By providing superior quality, flexibility and customer service we adapt our contract manufacturing services to meet your changing needs.

Medical Equipment

MedicalConcise Industries has precision-fabricated C-arms for the medical industry. Processes utilized included welding, machining, and assembly with a locking mechanism. It is part of an internal x-ray system.

We have also fabricated, welded and assembled x-ray tables for use in the medical and veterinary fields. These tables measured 36 inches by 60 inches once completed. Also, we have created intravenous measuring devices for other clients in the medical industries. This measuring device was a five-ampoule dispenser, which Concise also assembled and tested for both functionality as well as repeatability.

Construction Equipment

Construction EquipmentConstruction equipment assemblies such as storage boxes have been a major part of Concise’s repertoire.

Beyond the basics, examples of our complex work in this industry have included a 52-part hydraulic excavator storage box. Let Concise Industries provide you with turnkey solutions to meet and exceed your construction & heavy industrial needs.


Transportation AssembliesConcise Industries has experience creating assemblies for all manner of transportation equipment, from rail cars to ticket vending machines.

Standards are high for transportation equipment, especially for items with a high rate of use or exposure to the elements. Concise excels at meeting tight tolerances, and understands the unique needs of our transportation clients.

Telecommunications & Electronics

Telecommunications & ElectronicsConcise Industries has fabricated a variety of products for the telecommunications and electronics industries, such as cabinets or access panels for wiring and other electronic gear. Completed assemblies such as storage boxes and cabinets have always been a major part of Concise Industries’ project portfolio.

Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness EquipmentConcise Industries has fabricated several types of Health and Fitness equipment, ranging from cross trainers to treadmills to recumbent bikes. These highly specialized components and assemblies have been improved with Concise’s interpretive capabilities, high-quality output, and devotion to on-time deliveries.

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy IndustryConcise Industries knows that renewable energy will be an integral part of the world energy mix throughout the 21st century. From wind to solar power applications, our commitment is to help our customers with their precision metal fabricating needs.

Elevator Equipment

Elevator EquipmentConcise Industries is proud to serve the leaders in the elevator/escalator industry. We can fabricate everything from hall fixtures and door swings to hydraulic tanks and other internal elevator components.