Quality & Inspection
Quality & Inspection

Concise Industries is proud to have achieved and maintained the ISO 9001:2008 certification at all of our locations. Our quality management system pertains to all aspects of the company and is not limited to just dimensional accuracy of finished products. All employees are responsible for quality and continuous improvement of all facets of the company’s operations. This standard of quality is evident in everything we do, from product realization to measurement, analysis and development.

Concise Industries is dedicated to being a leader in custom metal fabrications focusing on consistently meeting customer requirements in an efficient manner with a goal of zero complaints.

Within our quality management system we use a variety of inspection equipment at each location to verify dimensional accuracy of finished products:

  • FabriVision: Flat Blank Inspection
  • Faro Arm System: Dimensional Inspection
  • FabriVision and Faro arm perform CAD-to-Part analysis and allow SPC output
  • Granite Surface Plates
  • Micrometers and calipers